Do I Need Braces?

If you need braces, your dentist will let you know during your dental exam. He’ll refer you to an orthodontist who will help you learn more about braces lynnwood, the types of braces, and the many ways they’ll improve your teeth and smile. But, many signs indicate the potential need for braces. Pay attention to your smile and get a heads-up that your dentist may recommend braces during a future dental exam.

1- Crowding

Overcrowding is the most common reasons children and teens use braces. Overcrowded teeth become crooked over time, in turn making it difficult to chew and to clean the teeth correctly. It’s hard, if not impossible, to floss, and may lead to plaque and tartar build-up.

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2- Overbites

Overbites are abnormalities that cause the upper teeth to overlap the bottom teeth. Everyone has a slight overbite, but for some people, the overbite overlaps too much and it causes troubles such as difficult chewing. You may need braces to correct an overbite if you cannot see most of your bottom teeth while biting down.

3- Tooth Gaps

Gaps in the teeth is usually thought of as nothing more than a cosmetic issue, but gaps in the teeth may also cause a slew of oral health concerns, since food can get stuck between the teeth and lead to plaque and food buildup. Braces correct teeth gaps and the potential problems they cause.

4- Speech Issues

Lisps are one of the most common speech issues individuals’ face when they need braces. It is embarrassing for most people, but braces can help if the issue is caused by your teeth.

5- Jaw Pain

Sometimes you cannot see the need for braces, but instead feel it via pain. Jaw pain is a common orthodontic problem that suggests the need for braces more often than not.

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